Safe Riding Tips


        The following tips are provided to keep you safe while riding your motorcycle.


·       Be familiar with your bike and your surroundings.

·       Always follow the states traffic laws.

·       Always obey the speed limit.

·       Wear your safety gear.

·       Always be aware.

·       Drive defensively.

·       Assume all cars cant see you. There are no fender benders when it’s a car vs. a motorcycle

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·       Allways take safety classes.

·       Always know how fast to drive in different elements. For example rain, sleet, gravel, pavement.

·       Wear brightly colored or reflective clothing.

·       Limit your night time rides. When riding at night have your lights on.

·        Never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even prescriptions can effect you.

·       Never ride alone, in unmarked areas or roads. Ride in pairs or more.


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