Protective Gear


*When riding a motorcycle the appropriate safety gear should always be worn. Even if it is a test ride around the block you should act as if it is a road trip around the country.


1. Protective Clothing

·      Long sleeved motorcycle jacket. Preferably leather but there are also good man made materials.

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· Full legged motorcycle pants.

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·      Full gloves are also a good thing to have.

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2. Footwear

·      Any type of ankle supporting boot or shoe that goes above the ankle. Should be able to feel your shift lever.

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3. Helmet

·      Your helmet is by far the most important piece of motorcycle gear. Don’t be cheap when it comes to buying your helmet. Think of it this way how much is your head worth to you.

·      Make sure your helmet is a DOT approved. It is recommended to buy a full faced helmet.

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