·       Motorcycle accident victims in states without helmet laws were 41% more likely to have severe, disabling brain injuries than those in states with helmet laws.

·       States without helmet laws reported a higher number of motorcycle crash victims hospitalized with a primary diagnosis of brain injury.

16% compared to 11.5%.

·       Other head and facial injuries were also more common in motorcyclist's, in states without helmet laws.

·       Close to half the people who die on a motorcycle were not wearing helmets.

·       Helmets will reduce your chance of dying by 35 to 50%.

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Hospital/ Insurance:

·       Hospital death rates increase in states without helmet laws, 11.3%  without helmet laws and 8.8% with helmet laws.

·       Out of all the riders hospitalized with injuries about 15% didn’t have insurance and about 10% had public insurance.

·       Hospitals charge $44,200 - $50,000 for brain injury patients, this does not include physician fees or long term facility costs.

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·       20.9 cars out of 100,000 were fatal accidents and 66.7 motorcycles out of 100,000 were fatal accidents.

·       4 million motorcycles registered in the U.S.

·       5% of highway fatalities.

·       2% of registered vehicles.

·       80% of motorcycle crashes = injuries/death

·       70% of motorcycle crashes are in intersections.

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